събота, 30 юни 2018 г.

какво като сме
капки дъжд

нали летим
докато падаме

it is finally the weekend
and i feel so
weak and

it's cold and dark
at home
like we never lived
at all

all my dreams
came trought but false
now i have
the missing only

the door is open
dog is gone
only wind comes in
to hold me

falling in love
with a fallen mountain
loving instead
a broken rock

looking for no one
who can love me
no one is everyone

aaaa silence is a
heart to speak out
aaaa silence is so
heavenly hard

aaaa silence is so
deep to find you
aaaa silence is so
easy to fall you in

неделя, 24 юни 2018 г.

петък, 22 юни 2018 г.

само когато

че не можеш


щом забравиш
за нея