сряда, 27 ноември 2013 г.

judging me
singing like
a non singer
burning up
a christmas tree

almost naked
semi sacred
playing like
a non player
criss crossing
bar boulevard

no cross
no crown
no cross
no crown
no newborns
to preach for

punch me boy
with your sharp nail
explode my body
someone forgets
to resurrect
in a  nasty london morning

hungry like a dead pig
in a posh eat and sleep
sunset me a drink
it's pink and lousy
trance-gendering around

a little bored
so far is my
first border cross
no new land
to land on sir

събота, 16 ноември 2013 г.

this morning cold
a walk in rain 
with coat and dog
having no owner

this noon is moony
a lunch for poor
raindrops dingdong
in a metal pot

good gentlemen
in public transport
legal exhibitionists
social dream aloud

the night is hot
with rum and wisdom
homeland is far away
in cosy distance

not a day to stay
not a minute one
not a single man to say 
pockets full with fear